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I rely on the unlisted numbers directory all the time now. Just a few months ago I didn’t even know that it existed. These days more and more people are choosing to opt for an unlisted number. I think this is because of all those market research and sales calls people get. Of course, some people just appreciate their privacy.

I kind of stumbled on the unlisted numbers directory. I had been trying to get in contact with my Aunt for some time. She lives across country, and moves a lot. She changes her phone number all the time. Usually I can just send her an email and she will respond. I had sent a few and not heard back from her.

My aunt moves around a lot. If you have friends or family who move all the time then the unlisted numbers directory can be really handy to keep up with them. It’s also good if you want to catch up with an old friend whose number you do not have. I’m a little bit disorganized, so it is really a bit of a blessing for me.

Of course, I tried to find my Aunt’s details through friends and family, but no one had heard from her for a while. I got on the internet search, but she hates computers so I found nothing. I did read about the unlisted numbers directory while I was looking through some information I found.

It is possible to find the number you need using the unlisted numbers directory. You can use it to search by first or last name, even by address if you like. I found out how to get my hands on one of these directories by reading through some ebooks I bought on the internet that explained how the system worked.

There are companies on the internet that offer different kinds of unlisted numbers directory. Before you give them your hard earned cash make sure you do a bit of research on them. Many of them are not legitimate, you could end up giving them your money and getting little in return.

Using the unlisted numbers directory I managed to get in contact with my Aunt. True to her hippie self, she was living out in a cabin in the woods and had not thought to let anyone know where she was. Luckily she has a phone line out there. We both had a good laugh while I told her about the lengths I went to find her. She felt guilty and promised to always let me know where she was in future.

I use the unlisted numbers directory all the time now. Of course, I only use it to get in touch with people who want to hear from me. I think it’s fair that it doesn’t get used by sales people. It’s also handy to use in reverse. For instance, you can put a phone number in and find out who it belongs to. If you have a call on your ID you don’t recognise you can look it up. Likewise, if you receive a prank call you can find out who the culprit is.

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